Published June 9, 2021

Educators Attend the Summit For 5 Main Reasons


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Over the last 25 years, The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) reach has grown to attract leaders from various industries. What started as a leadership conference primarily for ministry leaders, has expanded into the premier leadership event of the year for an audience with backgrounds in business, nonprofit work, healthcare, government and education.

The Latin word for teacher is magister, or master of the subject.

The Greek word for teacher is paidagogos, or one who leads children.

True educators are both masters and leaders—they must know the subjects they teach and also lead students through learning.

Now with the invitation for educators to attend the Summit at a reduced rate, this event not only honors the important contribution they make, but also equips and encourages them in their leadership growth as they continue to influence positive change through education.


Here are the 5 main reasons educators attend The Global Leadership Summit:

1. Teachers are leaders.

“Leadership in the classroom is inevitable. A teacher will lead well or poorly, but every teacher leads. Having worked in schools for nearly three decades and having worked also with schools and educators across Indiana and around the world, I can bear witness that good leadership can inspire both teachers and students to do amazing things, and bad leadership can destroy even those with the best of ideas. I attend the Summit because it is not just a conference. It is an experience. It will recharge your emotional, spiritual and leadership batteries as no other event can.”– Steve Perkins

I can bear witness that good leadership can inspire both teachers and students to do amazing things.


2. The Summit refills their bucket for a new year.

“The Summit is very important to me, because it fills my bucket before I start a new school year. It gives me ideas for team building and tools I can use throughout the year. The best part of my job is helping the children and teachers at the school get out of their comfort zones. I love to see them grow in their own confidence and their own leadership.” – Sady Mitchell


3. The Summit equips teachers to influence positive change.

“It reminds us that 1) we have influence and 2) we are equipping influencers. It is both humbling and confidence-building to participate in the Summit alongside other leaders who have the same mix of questions, doubts, visions and strategic plans you have as a leader of an organization and follower of Christ.

“The Summit is serving our school by helping us to dream bigger, raise our leadership culture, equip us to equip others, stay relevant, humble and confident and refresh our awareness. Indeed, the Summit is one of the most formative leadership experiences I’ve ever been a part of.” – Greg Christy

The Summit is one of the most formative leadership experiences I’ve ever been a part of.


4. The Summit allows educators to retreat and be encouraged by 15+ world-class faculty.

Educators are some of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. They give back with often little reward, but their contribution and leadership far outweigh the credit they deserve.

Through the Summit, educators have the opportunity to receive inspiration to equip them for another year ahead. They are able to retreat into being blessed by the encouragement and insight offered by 15+ world-class faculty eager to build into their lives.

The Global Leaderrship Summit has 15 world Class faculty for 2021.

GLS21 Faculty


5. Educators receive reduced rates to attend GLS21!

If you or someone you know is an educator and interested in developing your leadership skills to influence positive change in your school, mark your calendars for August 5-6, 2021 and get your reduced rate tickets today.

Simply click on the Student/Faculty/Military affiliated link during your registration process and choose “Faculty” to receive the reduced rate of $99 ($110 off the regular individual rate of $209).


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